China hid the biggest truth from the world, not 3000 but 1.5 crore people lost their lives by corona!

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China has not responded openly to many questions related to the coronavirus. Initially, many reports claimed that coronavirus was a biological weapon of China. However, China did not accept this.

Now seeing what has been claimed in a report, it seems that China has again hidden a truth associated with the coronavirus from the world. Hong Kong-based blogger Jennifer Jeng, based in New York, has revealed this.

He said that China's mobile company China Mobile Rekies said that in January and February, 8.116 million or 81 lakh mobile users of the company became inactive.

In January, 1 million mobile users of the Unicom company became inactive. At the same time, in February of China telecommunication, 5.6 million i.e. 56 lakh users became inactive.

If these figures are added, 1.46 crore users disappeared. So are these users killed due to coronavirus outbreaks? Is China hiding anything from the world?

China has so far claimed to have only 3270 people to be dead, which seems baseless.

Even when the corona spread in China, China did not give information about it and hid it from the world. The first case of coronavirus in China was reported in November, but China told the world about it in December.

Tencent company data suspected huge deaths

Earlier, a report of Tencent Company was leaked, in which the number of deaths in China was stated to be 24 thousand 589. It was said that this data was deliberately leaked by the employee working in Tencent Company so that the world can know the truth of China.

Suspicion also occurred from satellite photos

In the first week of February, some such satellite images of China's Wuhan and Chongqing cities have been revealed. Something is being burnt where the red is visible. A large amount of sulfur dye oxide gas was produced during that period, which is 21 times more than normal and experts believe that such sulfur dye oxide gas can be produced only when large quantities of corpses are burnt.

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