China giving 30 days to the couple to save their homes from divorce


In view of the increasing cases of divorce in China, the communist government is giving 30 days' time under the 'cooling-off period' to save the broken homes. The rule has been made that the couple seeking a divorce must wait 30 days. Its purpose these days, both sides should talk and decide with their mind so that the family can be saved from breaking up due to a small fight. In fact, the government is seeing society in danger due to the increasing cases of divorce. It is also harming the economy.

Attempt: The government does not want the fight between the couple to be the reason for the breakdown of the relationship

Long Jun, an expert on the new law related to divorce in China, says that the couple has a fight in the morning and a divorce in the evening. We do not want an unbreakable relationship to be shattered in a few hours. In view of this, the government is delaying the divorce. However, women say that the delay in justice is equivalent to torture them more.

More than 10 lakh applications in three months

Long Jun explains that the purpose of the new law is to save the broken relationship of marriage. According to the data released by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, in the last three months of 2020, more than 1 million divorce applications were received, which is 13 percent higher than the figures of the previous year. Beijing has the highest increase of 36 percent i.e. 27,000 cases of divorce.

Try to overcome bitterness

The Ministry of Civil Affairs is making every effort to curb the growing cases of divorce. According to the rule, after the 30-day deadline is met, the couple will have to meet one more time to reach a final decision. Its purpose is to correct any bitterness between the couple regarding the relationship.