Challenge: Delta Plus variant of virus found in Maharashtra can cheat immunity


Concerns about the third wave of corona in the country have created panic due to the arrival of patients infected with the Delta Plus variant in Maharashtra. Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS, New Delhi) said on Sunday that the Bavaria delta form of the virus is an aggressive form of B1.617.2. It is possible that it can easily cheat immunity.

Mutation named K417N has been seen, Dr. Guleria said – next few weeks are important

Dr. Guleria told that the virus in India is doing another mutation with the name K417N. Corona's Delta variant is increasing rapidly in the UK. The World Health Organization (WHO) has currently classified it as a variant of interest (VOI). However, if this form of the virus becomes aggressive over time, then it will also have to be kept in the category of a variant of concern.

This form of the virus can spread aggressively in India if Covid is not followed amidst the slow pace of the second wave. He said that the spike of the virus will have to be monitored to avoid the threat of the virus in the future. The emphasis will have to be on genome sequencing to find out what is the status of delta and what is its impact.


Genome sequencing will reveal the nature of the new form of the virus. How is it affecting vaccines and monoclonal antibodies?

We have to take a lesson from Britain, if we are not alert, then in the next three to four months we can go back to the old situation.

7 cases of delta plus found

Dr. TP Lahane, Director, Maharashtra Directorate of Medical Education and Research said that a total of 7 cases of Delta Plus have been found in Navi Mumbai, Palghar, and Ratnagiri. All the samples are being examined so that the situation can be clear. Some more samples from these regions have been sent for genome sequencing. Which will show whether this form of the virus is ongoing or limited.

Why the Delta Plus variant is dangerous

The B1.617 variant, the delta form of the virus, was highly contagious. Its spike protein helps the virus to infect human cells. Now the virus with the K417N mutation can more easily deceive the human immune system than the older virus. Because of this, it can be said that it can also pose a challenge to the vaccine and any drug therapy.