Caution : Those with problems related to red blood cells are more at risk from corona


People who have sickle cell disease (SCD) related to red blood cell (RBC) are also at risk of getting serious problems from the corona. This puts them at greater risk for unbearable pain or pre-existing organ problems.

Unbearable pain in joints, symptoms of the corona, covid investigation necessary

In a report published in the journal Blood Advances, scientists have said that the risk of hospitalization is also higher if there is any problem related to red blood cells. SCD is common in the United States, and more than a million people suffer from it.

The CDC says that one in 365 people of Black and African American descent is affected by the disease. One in 16,300 Hispanic Americans has this condition at birth.

Dr. Lana Mukalo of the Department of Medicine of the Medical College of Visconti says that in the midst of the corona epidemic, if a patient is coming with complaints of unbearable pain in the joints, then his corona examination should be done. Unbearable pain in the joints can be a symptom of the corona. agency

Such trouble in SCD

According to scientists, people suffering from SCD are at risk of unbearable pain, joint pain, damage to organs, stroke. These problems are also the cause of many types of infections. People with SCD are at higher risk of hospitalization if they are exposed to corona infection. Such people have to be more cautious in the pandemic.