Cash strapped Pakistan, has taken a loan of billions of dollars from IDB to pay for many things


The deteriorating economic situation of Pakistan is becoming increasingly serious. Even to repay the amount of debt that Pakistan has, it has to take a loan from someone or something. Pakistan had earlier taken a loan from China for this and now it is taking a loan of $ 4.5 billion from the Saudi Arabian bank. In this regard, he has an agreement with the Islamic Development Bank of Saudi Arabia. With this money, Pakistan will pay the amount of crude oil, refined petroleum products, LNG, and industrial chemical urea over the next three years.

Pakistan's opposition parties are continuously putting pressure on the government for taking loans from foreign countries. These parties have blamed Imran Khan for lethargy and mismanagement. These parties say that the government did not procure Furance oil at the time when it was most needed.

Let us tell you that the people of Pakistan are facing a continuous shortage of electricity. The prices of essential commodities are touching the sky in the country. Due to this, a situation like an outcry is arising in the country. Some time back, Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran himself had said that 40 percent of the children in the country do not get adequate nutrition.

There is also a continuous decrease in electricity production in the country. The reason for this is said to be the lack of water in the Mangla and Tarbala hydroelectric dams. According to the Asia Times report, there is not enough water left in the dam to run the turbine here at full capacity. On Friday, the situation had become very bad. Significantly, Pakistan generates about 7320 MW of electricity from its reservoirs. Let us also tell you here that Pakistan is constantly facing a water shortage. Due to this, the government had to stop or reduce the supply of water in many places. According to the report, water has been supplied to many provinces due to a shortage of 10 percent. This can be further reduced given the worsening of the situation. Sugarcane and cotton farmers are facing the worst conditions due to water scarcity.