BY travel 13 thousand km from America Pigeon raised controversy after reaching Australia


The pigeon named 'Joe' after the elected President of the United States, Joe Biden, caused a tussle between Australia and America. When the pigeon flew 13 thousand km from Oregon, USA, and reached Melbourne on December 26, after seeing the band which was tied on its leg, the officials decided to kill it as a threat to the sensitivity.

Australia decided to kill this pigeon on the grounds that it could spread the disease to him. This pigeon can pose a problem for food security and poultry farms.

After this, Dion Roberts, manager of Racing Pigeon Union, Oklahoma, US, said that the band tied in the pigeon's foot was fake. The Blue Bar Pigeon of America to which this band is tied is not a pigeon caught by Australia. In such a situation he cannot be killed. It is against his freedom to live his life.

The fake band found fake in investigation

Australia's Department of Agriculture found in the investigation that a fake band was tied in the leg of this pigeon named Joe. The investigation also revealed that in the joy of US President Joe Biden's victory, someone tied the band to the pigeon's leg and blew it, causing confusion. It is possible that the pigeon belongs to Australia and there is no danger from it. Now there will be no action against the pigeon.

Shadow white pigeon in Australia

This pigeon found in Australia has become a discussion on social media. Lawyer Andy Medic of the Animal Justice Party of Victoria, US, said a pigeon named Joe should be given the right to live independently. He has clearly stated that the band that is in Jo's leg proves that he is not American and that there is no need to kill him under any circumstances.