British Defense Ministry : Attack on Israel-linked ship near Oman in Arabian Sea, two crew members killed


A merchant ship working for an Israeli billionaire has been attacked in the Arabian Sea near Oman. Two crew members were killed in the attack. One of the slain members was from Britain and one from Romania. This information was given by the British Defense Ministry on Friday.

However, Israeli officials have not confirmed this. The concerned billionaire's company feared that it could be an attack by pirates.

This attack could increase the already ongoing tension between Israel and Iran. It is believed to be the result of an ongoing proxy war between the two countries. Even before this, there have been attacks on ships belonging to Israel. For whom Israel has blamed Iran. The British Defense Ministry said a detailed investigation into the matter was still underway.

The attack is believed to have happened on Thursday night near an island in Oman. This place is about 300 km southeast of Muscat, the capital of Oman. There is no information in this statement about the attackers or suspects.

Businessman fears pirate attack

The ship is said to be operating under the flag of Liberia for the company of Israeli billionaire El Ofer. It is owned by a Japanese citizen. The company has also expressed the possibility of this attack being an attack by pirates.