Britain: PM Johnson comes in support of Home Minister Preeti Patel, allegations of breaking ministerial code


An investigation into allegations of intimidation by his cabinet colleagues in Britain over Home Minister Preity Patel has found that the Home Minister has broken the Ministerial Code. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has come to his rescue after demanding resignation on charges of disobedience to the ministerial post. Johnson, who has been consistently supportive of Patel, has said that he still has full faith in the Indian minister.

An independent investigation report said the Home Minister may have inadvertently done so, but he has broken the Ministerial Code by threatening employees. The Prime Minister said he had not broken the Code and had full faith in one of Britain's highest political ministries, in charge of Preity Patel.

After this, independent advisor on the Code Alex Allen had to resign as the decision was against the findings of his report but many political leaders in Britain have started mobilizing against Patel. Former UK cabinet minister Lord Odonnell added his remarks on Saturday to those seeking Patel's resignation. He said, even though the PM believes that the Ministerial Code has not been violated, but I agree that Preity should resign.

Minister's behavior can be called irresponsible

The report of the Independent Adviser on the Code, Alex Allen, states that my advice is that the Home Minister has not met the required high standards of the Ministerial Code to treat his subordinates with respect. On many occasions, his behavior has been such that it can be called a bully for the people to feel. This behavior of a minister can be called non-intentional.

Cabinet considers the case to end

Patel, considered a loyal ally of Johnson, issued a statement saying that he was sorry that his behavior in the past had hurt people. Meanwhile, a statement from the Cabinet Office said that the British Prime Minister had full confidence in his home minister and he now considered the matter to be over.