Britain: Instead of enforcing the third lockdown, thousands of dead bodies will be piled up, the defense minister told the newspaper report false


Britain's Defense Minister Ben Vallis has said that a newspaper report that claimed that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had said he would allow thousands of dead bodies to be piled up instead of imposing a third lockdown.

Famous newspaper Daily Mail severely accused Johnson of taking the Kovid-19 crisis in a very light manner and that the newspaper also asked who took care of the renovated furnishings of Britain's Prime Minister's residence 10 Downing Street. is. According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, during a meeting in October, PM Johnson said that there would be no more lockdowns. Even if thousands of corpses are piled up.

British Minister Vallis, while dismissing this report of the British newspaper, said that there is no truth in this matter. He said that PM Johnson's entire focus was on dealing with Kovid. He said that the newspaper's claim is ridiculous and it is a completely fabricated story. You tell the conversation of unnamed advisors through an anonymous source. None of this should be taken seriously.