Britain: Due to COVID-19, it was banned to invite guests, Indian couple got married like this


The coronavirus epidemic is wreaking havoc worldwide. In this case, strict lockdown rules apply in the UK. Under this, only a limited number of guests can be invited to a wedding. At the same time, a couple of Indian origins did not want to delay their marriage due to the virus. For this, he organized the first drive-in wedding of his kind near London.

Roma Popat and Vinal Patel, who was based in London, were supposed to get married on 20 April, but this could not happen due to the lockdown. She discussed Drive in Wedding with her Wedding Coordinator Saheli events. However, on Friday, the couple got married in front of their family. Friends and family members joined their vehicles in the celebrations of marriage through the big screen.

Saheli Mirpuri, founder, and director of Saheli Mirpuri said, “We are surprised at how the wedding ceremony and the drive-in have both happened. This year has been very difficult especially for luxury Asian weddings and celebrations, but it was a creative way to ensure that guests felt as if they were with the couple on this day. '

According to UK government guidelines, only 15 people are allowed to attend wedding ceremonies. As a result of this many weddings are either postponed or couples are trying to find other options to include friends and family.

Bride Roma said, 'When we had to postpone our wedding in April, we had no idea whether we would be able to get married this year. We have lots of friends and family here. We wanted them to be a part of our happiness. Despite everything we had, it was a slightly different way than we had imagined. This is a day we will never forget. '

Upon arriving at the drive-in wedding, guests were welcomed into the cars with anti-bacterial hand gel hampers and were requested to remain seated inside the vehicle the entire time. The option to order food was available from their cars directly to their respective seats through the Kovid secure delivery service. If they needed any help, they were advised to flash their car lights or flashers.