Britain: 24,701 new cases of Corona, lockdown to be repeated in France


The number of corona infections in the country has increased to 942275, with 24701 new cases of the global epidemic coronavirus occurring in the UK during the last 24 hours. Along with this, 310 corona patients have also died.

France and Germany were forced to impose a lockdown

The re-infection of the coronavirus has increased in many countries of the world. Due to this, these countries have again imposed various restrictions including night curfew. The number of people infected with the coronavirus in the world has increased to 44,884,948. So far 1,180,960 people have died due to this virus.

The lockdown has been announced in France in view of the second wave of infection, which will remain in force until the end of November. Under the restrictions starting today, people will be allowed to move out of the house only for necessary work and medical reasons. Restaurants and bars will remain closed, but schools and factories will open.

At the same time, Germany has also decided to impose a partial lockdown for a month. Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Chief Ministers of the states jointly announced it. The new rules will come into effect from November 2. These rules include that restaurants and bars will remain closed. However, food will be allowed to be packed and transported. Apart from this, the cinema hall, swimming pool, and gym will also be closed.

Iran: Corona has the highest daily deaths

Iran has reported the most cases of corona on Wednesday. At the same time, the number of deaths is also increasing continuously. In the last 24 hours, 415 people have died. According to the website of the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education, the total number has increased to 588,648 after this overnight.