Brazil: MP hides corona fund money in underwear, Rs 3.88 lakhs worth of money


On one hand, the whole world is struggling with the coronavirus epidemic, while some people are tampering with the corona fund. There have been a number of cases in which disturbances have been found in grants for Corona. During the investigation of similar allegations, an MP has been arrested by the Anti-Corruption Unit in Brazil.

When the investigating agency conducted the raid, Brazilian MP Chico Rodrigues was caught for hiding Corona's fund in his underwear. He is the MP of President Jair Bolsonaro's party. Officials said that during the investigation a huge amount came out from the underwear of the MP, which is equivalent to about three lakh 88 thousand rupees in Indian currency.

Actually, the investigating agency received a complaint related to this. MP Chico was accused of making a mess of funds allocated to deal with Kovid-19 in Roerima State. After this, the house of MP Chico was raided and the amount was recovered from there.

Although after the arrest Chico Rodrigues said that it was all a conspiracy with him, that he had done nothing wrong. Chico has also resigned from his post. At the same time, President Bolsonaro has told the media responsible for this whole incident and he alleged that the media has shown the whole case exaggeratedly.

Bolsonaro says that the media is deliberately creating a false story against the government, while the government has done a lot of work to stop Corona. Please tell that Bolsanaro came to power only by raising the issue of corruption against the then government, but in the last two years, his government has also faced many allegations of corruption.