Big tech companies including Google are afraid of the laws being made against themselves


Companies are now conspiring in every way to prevent the European Union from enacting a law to curb digital companies. Other big tech companies, including Google, are apprehensive about the laws being made against them.

The leaking of documents related to this has shaken the capital of the European Union, Brussels. In fact, these documents have shown that if the companies ignore the law, then the advertising market will collapse.

Emphasis on lobbying through officials and legalists

Officials say that it is clear from the documents that have just come out that Google and other US tech companies will be lobbying on a large scale so that strict laws cannot be made against them.

The European Union is at the forefront of curbing tech companies. Keeping this in mind, the entire focus of these companies rests on Brussels so that they can end the law against them before it is formed.

Full opportunity to influence the law

Lobby control's Max Bank says the new law will hurt tech companies a lot. However, this law will not be allowed before 2022 and companies have every chance to influence this law.

Leave Microsoft all silent

On the new legislation, Casper Kling of Microsoft says that the European Union is our major stakeholder, we would like to have a transparent engagement with the European law rebellion.

Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook have kept silent on the issue of attempts to obstruct the law against them.

Networks are being built for their strength

Companies are increasing their spending in Europe much more than before. Contacting the best legal and advisory companies, besides giving funds to dozens of ideas and business organizations. The university is spreading its network across the continent and gathering people and institutions in its favor.

Spending amounted to 19 million euros

As of June 2020, according to Transparency International, which monitors EU lobbying, Google, Facebook, Amazon Apple, and Microsoft have spent around EUR 19 million, the same as the amount announced for spending in 2019.