Big disclosure of WHO - Corona virus unlikely to end completely


The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday that the new corona virus is unlikely to be completely eradicated. Dr. Mike Ryan, the head of the WHO's Emergency Program has said this. He said that the corona is still spreading rapidly.

According to Reuters, during an online briefing in Geneva, Dr. Mike Ryan said that in the current situation it does not appear that the virus will be completely eliminated. The WHO official said that by stopping the cluster of infections, the world could avoid Corona's second peak and re-lockdown.

A World Health Organization official said that some places may have to be re-locked, as clusters of infections cause cases to increase like wildfires. Many countries and islands have controlled the corona, but WHO has said that there will always be a risk of infection if there are cases from other countries.

The WHO has also said that the 'epidemic once in a century' is steadily increasing and that corona has not been controlled in large parts of the world. The WHO expressed concern over the big events and said that this makes matters faster.