Big disclosure: Coronavirus is also proving beneficial in this case


Presently, the coronavirus continues to be an acute problem for the whole world. Due to this, thousands of people have died all over the world, but this dangerous virus spread from China is also proving to be good for the world.

The result of this virus is that positive effects are being seen in the environment today. NASA has given great information on China's environment on social media.

NASA shared two photos on Twitter and said that over some time, China's environment has seen a lot of change. These days, a large amount of poisonous gas and things polluting the atmosphere have been exposed in the Chinese environment. According to Naas, the black-looking sky of China has started appearing blue all the time.

Significantly, China has closed the industrial area to protect people of their country from the coronavirus infection. For this reason, the effect of poisonous gas and pollution in the atmosphere here has reduced. Many countries of the world have been locked down due to this virus. This is also affecting the environment.