Biden's victory will be approved in 7 days, Trump said - change of power happened, But did not give up


The victory of newly elected US President Joe Biden may also see Michigan sealed by next week. Indeed, Michigan's election agency recommends that US election results be verified by next week. At the same time, Donald Trump has accepted the change of power in America for the first time. Also, he said that he has not given up yet.

Biden's recommendation to seal the victory

The Election Agency of Michigan recommends that state election surveyors verify the results of the November 3 election next week. The decision will provide the basis for Joe Biden's victory over President Donald Trump, but may not end the party differences over voting.

With formal notice of Monday's meeting of the Board of State Canvassers

The recommendation was released online. It was recommended at the end of a week of upheaval. In the same week, Trump on Friday summoned state representatives of the Republican Party to the White House in an unusual attempt to quell Biden's 1,54,000-vote victory.

Surveyors from the Republican Party in Wayne, Michigan's largest county, on Tuesday refused to verify local results but changed their stance following public criticism. He then spoke to Trump and said the next day that he was rejecting his earlier vote, but by then it was too late. The State Election Bureau said that all of Michigan's 83 counties have sent their verified results to the capital, Lansing.

Trump accepted the change of power but did not accept defeat yet

President Donald Trump, meanwhile, did not accept his electoral defeat but agreed to a change of power. US President Donald Trump on Monday asked officials to begin preparations to transfer power to newly elected President Joe Biden. Trump's statement comes after the head of the federal agency GSA, responsible for the transfer of power, had said that she would provide Biden with the necessary resources to come to the White House.

Trump, however, also insisted that he would "continue the fight and win." Biden for President and Kamala Harris for Vice President have been declared winners in the November 3 election in the US, but Trump Has not yet accepted its defeat.

Trump's campaign team has filed several cases of fraud and fraud in the election process, many of which have been dismissed by the courts. Trump's tweet in this regard came hours after 'General Service Administrator' (GSA) Emily Murphy wrote a letter to newly elected President Joe Biden informing the Trump administration that he was ready to officially begin the process of transfer of power. did.

Trump tweeted, "I want to thank Emily Murphy of GSA for her dedication and loyalty to the country." They have been harassed, bullied, and abused ... and I do not want this to happen to them, their family, or any GSA employee. Our fight will continue and I am sure we will win. '