Biden's strong message to China, said - 'America is back', now face-to-face competition


US President Joe Biden delivered his first diplomatic speech on Thursday. In this, he announced "America is Back", giving a strong message to China from the global stage. President Biden said that the US would directly face the challenges presented by China, but at the same time would not shy away from working closely with Beijing in the interest of the country.

"We will fight economic exploitation by China, take punitive action to reduce China's attack on human rights, intellectual property, and global governance," Biden said while addressing Foreign Ministry employees at the 'Foggy Bottom' headquarters. Giving an indication of how his administration's policy regarding China would be, he said that when it comes to the interest of America, we are also ready to work together with Beijing. We will work with our partners and partners to improve the situation within the country by reshaping our role in international institutions, regaining our credibility and moral authority.

That's why Biden said that we started working to restore America's participation at the international level and get into a leadership position to catalyze global action on common challenges.

Tackling China's economic exploitation is a priority

Earlier, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told reporters that his priority was not to gain access to China for 'Goldman Sachs' (investment banking). He said, "Our priority is to deal with China's economic exploitation, which is affecting American jobs and American workers."

A strong message was given to China and Russia

Biden in his speech indicated an aggressive approach to China and Russia. It also urged Myanmar military leaders to end the coup and announced the end of US support for the Saudi Arabia-led military operation in Yemen. Biden said the American leadership would have to deal with new challenges, including China's growing ambition and Russia's determination to damage and disrupt democracy. We should achieve our objective. Global challenges will have to be faced, from epidemics to climate crises and nuclear proliferation.