Biden is a corrupt politician: Trump


US President Donald Trump, while targeting his rival and Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden, said he was a "corrupt" politician. Trump urged his supporters in Florida and Georgia to win him the November 3 presidential election. He also alleged that left-controlled media and big technology companies are standing with Biden in this election campaign.

"Joe Biden is a disaster," Trump told his supporters in his speeches in Ocala, Florida, and Mecan, Georgia. Let's face it. "The

President said that he cannot think of losing to such an" incompetent "person. He said that documents and e-mails recently published by The New York Post have proved that Biden is a "corrupt" politician.

Referring to the temporary closure of the Twitter account of White House press secretary Kayle McNee by micro-blogging site, the president said there is no freedom of the press here. He said, "Look what we do." But the biggest thing we can do on November 3. This is the biggest thing we can do. Because I am not just running against Joe Biden, we are running against leftist media and we are running against big technology companies. And they have all said and I have heard about the power of these big companies and as you know, four years ago they were against us. ''

"But I won," Trump said. I said, "How can they be powerful?" I won, I've never done it before and I won. But now they have become completely eccentric. They have now done things they would not even do. And they were caught. ”He appealed to his supporters to teach these people a lesson by winning them.