Biden administration sent a message to the Indian government, saying - America understands drug requirements


The Biden administration has said that the US understands India's drug requirements. It has assured proper attention to the matter of the material used in the manufacture of the corona vaccine. The Biden administration has said that there is a law in the US, under which US companies have to prioritize domestic demand.

President Joe Biden, like his predecessor Donald Trump, has enacted wartime defense production laws. Under this, US companies have to prioritize domestic demand for corona vaccine and PPE production. Let us tell that America itself is the country most affected by Corona.

The target is to have the entire population vaccinated by July 4 in the US. Maderna and Pfizer's vaccine is mainly being installed here. Therefore, American companies are under pressure to supply only the raw materials needed to manufacture the vaccine.

Trusted sources said that the Biden administration has sent a message to the Indian government that it understands its needs. US officials believe that the scope of Indo-US health cooperation is broad. The US Embassy officials in Delhi are also believed to be in touch with the Indian authorities concerned.

White House refuses comment

The White House declined to comment on Serum Institute's request to lift the ban on the export of raw materials needed to produce the Corona vaccine. The matter was raised twice before the White House. Once during the morning briefing and the second time during the press conference of White House Press Secretary Jane Paki. In the morning briefing, infectious disease specialist Anthony Fasi said that I do not know anything about this.

On the other hand, Jane Paki declined to comment on whether the US would allow the export of ingredients used in vaccine manufacturing. There have been reports in the media that during the virtual meeting of Foreign Minister S Jaishankar and his US counterpart Antony Blinken, there was a hint to lift the ban on the export of raw materials. But Paki did not say anything about this. Serum Institute CEO Adar Poonawala requested the Biden administration to lift the ban on raw material exports.