Bhasha Mukherjee became Miss England for the longest time, taking care of Corona patients as a doctor


Mukherjee, a 24-year-old Indian-origin language who became Miss England in the year 2019, is now going to name another title. For the first time in 92 years of the Miss England pageant, no Miss England has been adorning this crown for such a long time. Bhasha Mukherjee will keep wearing this crown for 20 months.

This is because due to the Coronavirus, the next competition will now be in April 2021. Bhasha says that she felt relieved when she left modeling during the Corona period and returned to the doctor's profession. During this time, he worked continuously for 12 hours every day to keep the people of his country completely healthy.

The language states that she has received the title of Miss England for her works of humanity. So when the world is struggling with a terrible disease like Corona, how can I separate myself from it? He said that there can be no better time to serve the country.

Respiratory language at the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston says that I was in India at the time when the period of infection progressed. He said that I had decided that now the country needs me as a doctor. Bhasha said that she is currently taking care of corona patients.