Beirut blast: Protesters entered in three ministries and said - hang the leaders at the crossroads


After the powerful explosion in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, people now got angry against their own government. Thousands of people took to the streets on Saturday night and demonstrated against the government. The protesters barged into three ministries and vandalized. He also attempted to enter Parliament but was thwarted by security forces. During this time people had violent clashes with the police. A police officer was killed and hundreds of people were injured in it.

Earlier, Prime Minister Hasan Diab appealed to the people to maintain peace, which proved to be ineffective. The protesters broke through the security cordon and vandalized the Ministry of External Affairs, Finance, and Environment. A fire was also tried. The protesters then reached Parliament and tried to enter it, but were stopped by security forces.

The protesters said that hang the leaders by bringing them to the crossroads. They were demanding the resignation of other ministers, including Prime Minister Hasan. He had posters in his hands which wrote that either the minister should resign or hang him at the crossroads. Significantly, 27 thousand tons of ammonium nitrate exploded on the east coast of Beirut on Tuesday. So far 160 people have died in the blast and more than 6 thousand are injured. Dozens of people are still missing.

Lebanon on the verge of bankruptcy

Lebanon, which is facing an unprecedented economic and financial crisis amid the Corona epidemic, is now on the verge of bankruptcy. The Beirut governor says that the country has lost 10 to 15 billion dollars due to the explosion. 62,000 buildings have been damaged and more than three lakh people have become homeless. The country has less than a month of food left.

Prime Minister asked for two months' time

Prime Minister Hasan said we can understand people's displeasure. Those responsible for the explosion will not be left out. We want major reforms in the country's systems and other areas now. Give us two months' time. Interacting with other parties will take steps for electoral reforms. After this people will be able to choose the government of their choice. The protesters believe that the government wants to cool the matter by asking for time.