Before 'Howdy, Modi!' program, bad news arrived from America, In Houston ...


PM Narendra Modi, who has made his mark as a global leader in the whole world, will participate in a program 'Howdy Modi' to be held in America. US President Donald Trump also stated this program, saying that PM Narendra Modi has called him and he will go to the event. In such a way, Donald Trump will also join the Howdy Modi program.

Let me tell you that howdy is used as an acronym in Southwest America. Which means - how do you do. Mean how are you The term is commonly used in greetings in southwestern America. That is why the term Howdy Modi is being used to greet PM Narendra Modi.

Bad news arrived from America

Even before the 'Howdy Modi' program, bad news has come from America. Actually, in the place where this event is to be held (in Houston), a tropical storm has caused massive destruction. Due to which the governor had to declare an emergency in many parts of Texas. Also, the people of Texas have been instructed to stay indoors. The storm caused heavy rains, causing the power supply to come to a standstill.