Battle with Corona: Many countries helping India, America is giving 100 million dollars, the first shipment came from Russia-UK


The help of many countries is reaching India for the fight against Corona. The first consignment of medical needs from Russia arrived in India by two planes on Thursday, including the necessary medical supplies. Another ship from Britain arrived in India on Thursday with 120 oxygen concentrators. Meanwhile, the United States is sending a whole series of aid to India in excess of $ 100 million in the coming days. On Thursday, the first batch of help from the US will reach India.

A whole series of more than 100 million dollars being sent from America to India will reach India for the next few days. The White House said it is sending 1700 oxygen concentrators, 1100 cylinders, and large-scale oxygen generation units under immediate emergency relief. As part of the first batch, the US left for India from the world's largest military aircraft, Travis Airforce Base, on Wednesday night.

Air cargo and Delhi Customs in India are increasingly clearing this relief material. With another consignment coming from Britain to India, it is also sending 3 oxygen generation units to India with the capacity to produce 500 liters of oxygen per minute.

"We have asked to send the consignment of Astrogena vaccines and N-95 masks being prepared for our country to India," the Biden administration said in a fact sheet released on Wednesday. Apart from this, the US will provide one million rapid diagnostic tests to India. Indian Ambassador to the US TS Sandhu said that the talks between PM Modi and Biden were very good, which will yield positive results soon.

More than 20 countries came to help

So far, more than 20 countries have come forward to help India during the Corona crisis. Bhutan has offered to supply oxygen. Currently, the US, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Norway, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Romania, Luxembourg, Portugal, Sweden, Australia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Finland, Switzerland, and UAE are sending medical aid to India.

UN agencies buying essential equipment

Farhan Haque, the deputy spokesman for the world body chief Antonio Guterres, said the United Nations team is procuring thousands of oxygen concentrators, oxygen production plants, and other essential equipment to help India. He told that the UN team is also helping India in building a mobile hospital. Haque said that the WHO and UNICEF are buying 7,000 oxygen concentrators, 500 items for oxygen supply, and other items. Apart from this, the help of an oxygen-producing plant, Kovid-19 testing machine, and PPP kit is also being provided.

American Advice: Its citizens leave India soon

The United States issued a fourth phase travel advisory, advising its citizens not to travel to India and leave the country as soon as possible. He said that it is safe to do so as all the medical care resources are limited in India as cases of Kovid-19 increase.

The fourth level of the Ministry of External Affairs has the highest level of consultation. He said American citizens wishing to leave India should use the commercial options available right now. Daily flights to the US and flights via Paris and Frankfurt are available.

Italy will keep quarantine for travelers coming from India

Italian officials said that 210 air travelers from India arriving in Rome on Wednesday evening will be compulsorily quarantined. Health Minister Roberto Sparenza has signed a new ordinance in which travelers coming from India will have to remain segregated for 10 days at a place identified by the Italian health authorities. The infected will be housed at the Kovid Hotel near Rome Airport.

Pandemic brought to digital divide: Ravi Shankar

Union Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the Kovid-19 epidemic has brought the digital divide to the fore and established a new view of the world about digital access as an important component of an egalitarian society. He said in the UN's high-level discussion on 'Digital Cooperation and Connectivity: Whole of Society Approaches to the Digital Divide', the speed at which the world saw digital changes in 2020 like never before.

The number of infected people has crossed 150 million in the world

By Thursday, the total number of infected people in the world has crossed the 15 crore mark to 15,03,01,778 whereas 31,66,200 people have lost their lives so far. Currently, 1.93 crore people are under treatment, of which 1.92 crore people have mild symptoms of corona, and 1.10 lakh people are in critical condition. In the past, 8,85,604 infected people were identified in the world and 15,284 people died.