Barrett will be selected in place of Ginsburg in US Supreme Court


President Trump has chosen conservatives favorite judge Amy Connie Barrett in place of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It will also be tried to get the Senate to confirm his name just before the election so that ideological judges of the Republicans dominate the Supreme Court. The Democratic campaign has strongly opposed Trump's efforts.

Trump will announce the name of the newly nominated member for the Supreme Court at the Rose Garden in the White House. Currently, Trump's choice Amy Connie Barrett (48) is a judge in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. His name was also proposed by Trump in 2017, whose name has also got 55–43 votes in the US Senate.

Barrett is also believed to be a favorite of Christians in America and has the strong support of Republican senators. Although Trump may change his plans at the last moment, it is unlikely. Amy's appointment as a judge in the Supreme Court could have an impact on the movement demanding changes in the ongoing abortion law in the country.

Let me tell you that the appointment of Supreme Court judges in the US is a lifetime and there is no retirement. The Democrats, therefore, want the new appointment to be held after the election.

Trump wants justice for his side

The US Supreme Court consists of 9 judges. If their opinion gets divided into 4-4 at the time of an important decision, then the vote of the government-appointed judge is decisive and it is believed that the judge appointed by the judge will give the decision in favor of the same. In such a situation, whether Trump wins or loses the next presidential election, the opinion of the Supreme Court can save them from every crisis.

South Asians angry with a new nomination

The Democratic candidates' support organization South Asian for Biden has strongly condemned the Supreme Court's decision to nominate Trump's candidate of choice.

Neha Dewan, the organization's director, said, "American citizens are casting ballots across the country, during which the nomination of a Supreme Court judge is inconsistent with the values ​​of democracy." He said South Asians are angry with this decision.