Bangladeshi Maulana said - 'HA HA' emoji of Facebook is not good in Islam - fatwa issued


A strange incident has come to light in Bangladesh. Often we use the 'Ha Ha' emoji after seeing funny posts of you and me on Facebook, but this emoji is haram in the eyes of a Maulana from Bangladesh. In such a situation, this Maulana has even issued a fatwa against the 'Haha' emoji of Facebook. Let us tell you that Maulana Ahmadullah of Bangladesh has a large number of followers on social media. Axar is also seen discussing religious topics on TV shows.

Ahmadullah has more than 3 million followers on Facebook-YouTube

According to media reports, he has more than 3 million followers on Facebook-YouTube. Ahmadullah posted a three-minute-long video on Facebook. In the video, he discussed the mockery of people on Facebook and issued a fatwa against the 'haha' emoji, and said that it is haram for Muslims.

Video released on Facebook, said - 'Ha Ha' emoji is Iram for Islam

In the video posted, he said, "Nowadays we use the 'ha ha' emoji of Facebook to make fun of people." He said that if we haha ​​for laughter and the person who posted it also understands it in the same way then there is no problem, but if your reaction has been done to make fun of people then it is completely in Islam. is haram.

The video has been viewed more than 20 lakh times so far

This video has been viewed more than 20 lakh times so far. Along with this, he said that for the sake of Allah, stop yourself from doing this. Don't use haha ​​emoji to make fun of people. If you hurt a Muslim, he can also respond in an abusive language that no one would expect.