Bangladesh: Director-actor arrested for brutally interrogating the rape victim in the film


In Bangladesh, a director was accused of misbehaving with a rape victim in a film. In one scene in the film, the police are brutally interrogating the victim. This scene provoked the Bangladesh police and arrested the director.

Director accused of trying to tarnish the image of the police force

The courtroom drama titled 'Nawab LLB' was released in mid-December. A scene of this went viral on social media last week, criticizing the victim's behavior from the police.

Angered by this, the police arrested 34-year-old director Anono Mamoon and 46-year-old actor Shaheen Mrida, who played policemen, on Friday. Police said that in the film, the police officer is shown questioning inoffensive tone and vulgar language. This tarnishes the image of the police.

The actress can also be arrested

The director and actor have been accused of making pornographic films. The police are also about to arrest actress Orchita Sporsia, who played the role of the rape victim in the film. The currents imposed on the director and actor, if proved, could lead to imprisonment of up to seven years.

Police accused of hiding its failure

In this case, social workers say that when sexual violence against women is increasing in the country, the police is targeting artists to hide their failure. According to a report, in the first nine months of this year, a thousand women were victims of rape. 423 women were murdered after being raped. In October, the government amended the law and made a provision for capital punishment for the culprits.