Austria: 7 died, several injured, one attacker killed in a shootout in Vienna!


In the European capital of Austria, Vienna, there has been a terrorist attack like Mumbai. Many terrorists have fired indiscriminately at many places simultaneously. According to the news, so far 7 people including an attacker have died in this terrorist incident. According to the Vienna Police Department, many people have been injured in this attack.

In a tweet by the Vienna police, it was told that a shooting incident occurred at 8 o'clock in the night in which several rounds were fired. It has been further told in the tweet that many suspects have been armed with rifles. The firing incident took place at 6 different places in the city. Many people have been injured in this incident, including an officer. While one person has died. Also, a suspected attacker has been shot dead by police officers.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has said that we are facing difficult times in our country. Our police will find out the perpetrators of this hideous terrorist attack.

We will never bow down to terror and we will fight this battle in every way. The Chancellor says that while the police is engaged in anti-terror operations, on the other hand, the army has been deployed in the security of important buildings. In Vienna, people have been appealed to stay in homes. There has been an appeal to stay away from public places and not to use public transport.