Australia: Women MPs said - Parliament is the most unsafe workplace, sexual abuse happens


Thousands of women have taken to the streets in Australia on the issue of an unsafe workplace. Many of the women MPs involved in this have alleged that men have been sexually abused by them in Parliament, considering them to be kings. According to him, some leader or officer was forcibly touched, then someone was insulted. Many termed Parliament as the most unsafe workplace.

According to the women, whenever there was a question on the behavior of the men, there was a character violation and she was silent. But, recently, thousands of women took to the streets when former legislative staffer Brittany Higgins heard of the rape of her in the defense minister's office. Prime Minister Scott Morrison also had to say, the situation at home (parliament) has to be improved.

'Parliament came and am in the 80s ...'

Julia Banks, a leader, said, "When she reached Parliament five years ago, the behavior of the men showed that she had reached the 80s." He says, during the procedure itself, the smell of alcohol used to come from the mouths of many male MPs. Many leaders used to indulge in rumors and jokes about the private lives of women.

In many interviews, current and former MPs called Parliament a 'cellar of the testosterone (male sex hormone), where fridges in each minister's room are filled with alcohol.

Long suppressed anger

Labor Party leader Tanya Libersek says long-standing anger has been erupting among women associated with Parliament. In other institutions, gender equality has gained momentum, but in the establishment, it is the dominance of men. Women are unable to name men because the pressure is made to choose one of the jobs or justice.

This tragedy will bring change

According to analysts, the problem of female opposition is widespread in Australia, but Parliament is at the center of it at the moment. He called the latest allegations a comeback of the MeToo campaign in the country. A women's tsunami can prove to be a tsunami for political change in the country.

Backward Australia in gender diversity

The majority of MPs and staff in the Australian Parliament are male. In 20 years, Australia slipped from 15th place to 50th in terms of gender diversity. More than 80 percent of the MPs in the ruling party are male.

Men spread lies, won a defamation case

As Greens MP Sarah Hanson Young explains, men associated with the opposition spread lies on the private lives of women. Young filed a defamation suit against MP David Leonhelm and has won $ 1.20 million.