Australia: sheep saved from jungles who wanders off for five years, 35 kg of wool released from the body


One such sheep has been found in the jungles of Australia, which has made a splash on social media. This sheep is similar to the sheep usually seen, but its video became viral on social media because 35 kg of the wool layer is frozen over it.

According to information received from social media, this sheep has been named Barak. It is believed that these sheep wandered in the jungles for at least five years. Wandering in the jungles did not lead to the harvesting of wool on the sheep's body, so 35 kg of wool had accumulated on the body.

This sheep was found by a group wandering in the Victorian State Forest, recently rescued and brought to an Animal Rescue Center. This sheep is being taken care of here. At this center, wool was separated from the body of the sheep. In the video, you can see how this sheep looks like the rest of the sheep

According to media reports, Pam Ahorn, the founder of Edgar Mission Farm Century, said he did not believe that a sheep could actually live under such a pile of wool. He further said that the wool of this sheep was not cut for at least five years. Pam believes that this sheep must have wandered in the forest when it was small and would not have found its way back to the city.