Another success for scientists : GC376 inhibitor will now protect against Kovid-19 infection


Scientists from the University of Kansas did research on rats

Scientists engaged in finding out the treatment of corona infection have got another success. Scientists at the University of Kansas in the US say that they have discovered a protease inhibitor GC376, with the help of which a corona-infected cat has been treated. Scientists claim that with the help of this inhibitor, the protein of the virus can be stopped from being active. Also, the viral particle can be prevented from spreading in the body. agency

Test results in mice

University of Kansas scientist Dr. Yunjiang Kim said that the GC376 protease was modified. Testing in corona-infected mice found that its use reduced the presence of the virus in the lungs, reduced weight, and did not improve health. With GC376 being helpful in preventing the spread of the virus, it has been shown to have an effect within 24 hours of infection.