Amy Connie Barrett becomes Supreme Court judge, Donald Trump nominated


Voting for the new judge of the Supreme Court was held in the US Senate on Monday, about a week before the US presidential election. In this voting, Amy Connie Barrett, nominated by US President Donald Trump, won and became the new judge of the US Supreme Court. His victory has been confirmed by the US Senate after voting.

According to the Senate, 52 votes were cast in favor of Amy Cooney and 48 in protest, with none of the Democrats voting in favor of Barrett. The White House tweeted that 'Amy Connie Barrett will be the 115th Associate Justice of the Supreme Court'! . According to a CNN report, Barrett is a judge of the Chicago-based 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals.

Barrett was sworn in as US Supreme Court Justice, replacing the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. A White House official said preparations are being made to hold an event to honor Barrett on Monday night. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows also told reporters that if the Senate approves Barrett's nomination - as expected. She hopes she will win and take the oath.

Mark Meadows said that 'Barrett's victory would strengthen the conservative majority in the Supreme Court by 6-3. This is a major victory for Republicans, which will have implications for decisions made by the High Court for decades. She hopes Amy will join the Supreme Court as a judge soon and she is ready to take judicial action on a number of important petitions related to the elections due next week.

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Amy is also considered a good writer. He has also argued on human rights. Barrett is believed to have conservative views. People believe that Amy's appointment as a Supreme Court judge may make a difference to the movement seeking changes in the abortion law in America. Barrett's lifetime appointment will strengthen the ideologically conservative majority in the nine-member court for decades to come.

Let me tell you that in America, judges are appointed for a lifetime, and apart from other courts, there is no retirement age for judges here. The US Supreme Court consists of nine judges. If their opinion gets divided into 4-4 at the time of an important decision, then the vote of the government-appointed judge becomes decisive.

US President Trump, while nominating Barrett, said last month that "if confirmed, Justice Barrett will make history as the first mother to serve in the US Supreme Court whose children attend school."