American voters are Openly speaking, Trump or Biden will get the key to power on these issues


The economy and jobs are one of the main parameters during the Coronavirus epidemic, on which voters will choose President Donald Trump and one of his Democratic rivals Joe Biden as the next US president in the November 3 elections. American voters say so.

He said, both the economy and the coronavirus are linked to each other in many ways. In the US, more than 2,30,000 people have died due to this dangerous disease. At the same time, more than 9 million people have been infected. It has also seen its impact on the economy.

Ethan Clarke, a small businessman in Pennsylvania Rural, said that for me, I will vote for the person who does not affect my business. He said, in my opinion, the economy is still very good. At the same time, the Commerce Department revealed in its latest report on Thursday that the US GDP increased by 33.1 quarter in the third quarter.

American voters said, this time better employment opportunity will be an issue that people will keep in mind while going to vote. David has never been as busy this year as he has been in 25 years of his business this year, said David, a small contractor who builds homes in Wisconsin rural areas. He said, my other colleagues, have been hired for the next six months.

According to the American newspaper USA Today, there are more than 257 million people in the US who are 18 or older. At the same time, about 24 crore citizens are eligible to vote this year. However, another CNN report noted that despite unprecedented mail-in voting, the absolute result of who will win the presidential election between President Trump and Biden cannot be known on election night.

Augusto and his colleague, who are renovating a house in the Shaker Heights area of ​​Democratic stronghold Ohio, say that in the early months of this year when the lockdown was implemented, it was a major problem for them. However, there is more demand in the market now.

The election is clear for the trio of Ethan, David, and Augusto. They will vote on November 3 which gives them a better option for job security. However, all three people did not explain the issue clearly, on which they would choose either Trump or Biden.