American scientists get great success, Successful transplant of liver prepared from cells into lab


Ongoing research on organ transplantation has been a major success for American scientists. Scientists have successfully transplanted lab-derived livers from donated cells onto five mice. This research is published in the Cell journal.

After several days, this liver is functioning normally. Doctor Alejandro Soto Gutierrez, a researcher at the University of Petersburg, said that Volunteers had donated his skin cells for this research. From those cells, a small liver of humans was created in the laboratory. Which has been successfully transplanted into five mice?

They say that it takes two years for the liver to get into its shape naturally. But it became possible in the lab in a few months. Doctor Gutierrez said a cell from the skin can be made a functioning organ. This has been proved by research. Now we hope that in the coming time, the patient will not have to wait for the whole liver while waiting for a transplant.

Succeed… Organ needs will be removed from the organs prepared in the lab

After transplanting the human liver prepared in the lab to mice, the scientists monitored its functionality and found that the secretion of bile acid urea and other essential elements in the liver is happening in a normal way. Scientists identified liver stem cells by separating programming cells onto human skin cells to prepare the liver from skin cells. After which he got this success.

Millions of new life ...

Doctor Gutierrez believes that organ transplants may gain momentum in the coming years and millions of people can be given new lives. The study will be continued to make it more accurate.

Difficulties in blood circulation seen in grafting ...

When the liver was attached, there was a problem in blood circulation. But due to the human liver, the level of protein in the blood remained balanced and it is functioning normally.