America : Tribute to Charanjit and Pritam Singh Grewal in the House


Influential Congressmen paid tribute to two iconic Indian-American figures in the House of Representatives this week, Charanjit Singh of California and Pritam Singh Grewal of New Jersey.

Singh came to America from Ludhiana in India and settled in Los Angeles while Grewal is considered the most compassionate philanthropist of New Jersey.

MP Jim Costa said successful entrepreneur Charanjit Singh died on 12 May. Singh, a member of the Central Valley, is survived by his two sons, a daughter, and a wife.

Singh was born in India in 1950 and moved to America in 1988 and settled in Los Angeles with his family. In 2003, he settled with his family in Fresno, California. Singh expanded his business while living in the Central Valley.

Describing Pritam Singh Grewal as the most compassionate community leader of North Jersey, MP Josh Gothamer said in the House that the Sikh of Indian descent was indeed a selfless and caring person. He left an impact on everyone in his life.

As a founding member of the Sikh Gurdwara at Glen Rock, Grewal created a safe place for the Sikh community of North Jersey to come together and pray.