America: The tongue of a 3-year-old child is four times larger than its mouth, has difficulty in breathing.


In America, the tongue of a three-year-old child is four times larger than its mouth. Everyone is surprised to see this. But it is a rare disease called Beckwith-Widman syndrome. It occurs in any one of 15,000 babies.

The child is named Owen Thomas and hails from Pennsylvania, USA. Doctors believe, Beckwith-Weidman syndrome disease can have effects on other parts of the child's body, hindering its development.

Owen has undergone surgery. She underwent a lengthy surgery to remove two inches of her tongue although the limb is still growing and doctors are unsure of how to stop it. If the tongue remains like this, then there is a fear of rotating his breath, he has difficulty in breathing.

Owen's mother, Theresa, checks her blood pressure regularly, as well as measures oxygen levels. For this, she uses a digital device to make it easier to measure everything. By doing so many times his son Owen has been saved.

The child is also at a higher risk of getting cancer due to such a condition, so they get an ultrasound every three months and blood is checked to make it work and work.