America : Target to give vaccine to 300 million people in 150 days, President Biden announced


America, the most affected by the corona epidemic in the whole world, has almost completely controlled the corona. Continuing the vaccination on a war footing, America has set a target of vaccinating 300 million people in 150 days.

US President Joe Biden has said that at least the first dose of the corona vaccine has been administered to more than 180 million population of the country so far. He said that based on the information received from the Kovid-19 team, I am proud to share that we are getting closer to our goal of vaccinating more and more people. Our target is to vaccinate 30 crore people in 150 days.

He told that so far more than 18 crores 20 lakh people in the country have been given the first dose of the corona vaccine. Of these, 90 percent are elderly and 70 percent adults i.e. people above 27 years of age. He said that by the end of this week, we will achieve the goal of full vaccination of 160 million Americans.

Earlier, on the occasion of the country's 245th Independence Day, President Joe Biden said that America will soon be free from the Kovid-19 epidemic. He said during his speech at the White House, 'Today we are close to our freedom from a deadly virus. Today we have achieved a strong position against this virus.

According to CNN Health, so far 33,746,246 cases of corona infection have been reported in the US and 605,526 deaths have been registered. According to experts, the third wave of the corona epidemic may come by October. At the same time, the new variant of Corona has increased the difficulties. However, life is slowly returning to normal in many countries due to the removal of restrictions under Corona.