America's attack on 'dragon' reduced the duration of Chinese journalists' stay in the country is 90 days


The Donald Trump administration is taking stringent measures against China. In this series, the Trump administration has reduced the period for Chinese journalists to stay and stay in the US. According to a federal notification, the government has restricted Chinese journalists' stay in the US for only 90 days. Apart from this, it has been allowed to extend it for the same number of days if needed.

The proposal, made by the Department of Homeland Security, is part of the fixed deadline for visas for students, researchers, and foreign journalists in the US. According to the federal notification issued on Friday, the time limit for foreign journalists, in general, has been limited to 240 days and a further extension of the same period. At the same time, the 'I' visa will be issued by the US for journalists coming from China, which will be for 90 days only.

The stakeholders have 30 days to respond to the federal notification before its implementation. The notification states that foreign nationals traveling on passports issued by China or Hong Kong will be issued an 'I' visa, which is for a foreign journalist, and the duration will not exceed 90 days.

Macau Special Administrative Region passport holders are exempted from this. The extension for Chinese journalists is also for 90 days only. Foreign journalists and their dependents will have to leave the country immediately upon the expiry of their 'I' visa or reject their extension application.

Earlier, foreign journalists were allowed to remain in the US for the duration of their employment. In March, the State Department asked Chinese media outlets to reduce their workforce in the US.

Four Chinese state-run media outlets - Xinhua News Agency, China Global Television Network, China Radio International, and China Daily were asked to reduce their total staff of 160 Chinese citizens to 100.