America: Protesters gathered outside the White House, Trump moved to a safe bunker


The United States has reached the White House for violent protests against the assassination of black George Floyd. President Donald Trump was briefly taken to an underground bunker in Washington DC after protesters gathered outside the White House on Friday night. White House officials and law enforcement sources gave this information.

President Trump spent about an hour in the bunker and was then brought up. Law enforcement sources and another source related to the incident said that America's First Lady Melania Trump and her son Baron were also taken to the bunker.

The law enforcement source said that according to the protocol, if officers carried President Trump into a bunker, they would have to take other security personnel there as well, meaning it was mandatory to carry both Melania and Baron.

Another source said that Melania Trump, Baron Trump, and other family members would also have to be taken there if the danger index in the White House reached red and the President was taken from there to the Emergency Operations Center.

Trump also praised the Secret Service the next day for effectively dealing with protests outside the White House on Friday night in the wake of the death of George Floyd last week in Minneapolis. The news of the president being taken to the bunker was first published by the New York Times.

On Saturday, Trump declared himself safe just hours after the demonstration ended outside the White House. He targeted the city's Democratic mayor, saying it was his supporters who were demonstrating outside the White House.

In a series of tweets, Trump on Friday night praised the US Secret Service for his safety inside the White House, saying he felt insecure with protesters gathered outside the White House over Floyd's death, but the Secret Service gave him the full Security provided.