America President Election Live Updates: Tough competition between Trump and Biden in Georgia!


Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden has reached a close to 270 in the US election, while his rival Donald Trump has gone ahead with his decision to fight a legal battle.

According to estimates from various media organizations, Biden now needs only 6 to 17 'electoral college seats' to win, while Trump has just won 214 'electoral college seats'.

US courts have dismissed lawsuits filed in Michigan and Georgia on behalf of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's campaign for alleged election disturbances.

In this year's presidential election, Donald Trump is not liked by American citizens of the Asian country. 70 percent of ASHI voters and 63 percent of his followers have supported Joe Biden.

At the same time, the figures for Donald Trump are 28% and 35%. Also, 61 percent of voters between the ages of 18 and 29 have supported Biden, while 51 percent of voters above 65 years have voted for Donald Trump.

Talking about village and city voters, 65 percent of the city voters voted for Biden, while 65 percent of rural voters have supported Trump. Surprisingly, Trump received a lot of support from the places where the epidemic is wreaking havoc.