America: PM Modi still more popular among Indians, trust in BJP


Prime Minister Narendra Modi still remains the most popular among Indians living in America. A survey by the Carnegie Center for Endowment of Peace in America found that Modi is the choice of more than half of the people here. The faith of Indians in Modi and BJP is still intact. Although his opinion on the current state of democracy in India is divided.

Last year, 1,200 people took part in this online survey conducted from September 1 to September 20. When asked if the people in the survey were asked if India is on the right track, 36 percent agreed while 39 percent said no.

25 percent of people did not give any opinion on this. The survey showed the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP among Indian Americans. 35 percent of the people surveyed described Prime Minister Modi's work as very good and 13 percent described it as good, while 22 percent gave their opinion stating very bad.

32 percent of those polled supported the BJP while only 12 percent supported the Congress. Surprisingly, 40 percent of the people said that they do not know any political party in India.

More support from Hindus

The survey of the Carnegie Center for Endowment of Peace in the US has been conducted in collaboration with John Hopkins, University of Pennsylvania, and Yorgov. In this survey, 18 percent of the Indians raised concerns about government corruption in India.

Seven out of ten Hindus in the survey supported Modi while one in five Muslims supported him. However, the opinion of Indian Christians remained divided.

Liberal opinion on American issues

Those surveyed have a liberal opinion on issues related to the US, while their opinions on the issues related to India are more conservative. The survey was conducted with a view to the political outlook of the influential Indian community in America. At the same time, 15 percent cited slow economic growth and 10 percent cited religious majorism as a cause for concern.