America ordered the closure of the embassy located in Afghanistan, the main reason for the increasing speed of infection


The US has closed the embassy in Afghanistan amid rising cases of Corona. The situation here The US Embassy has ordered a near-complete lockdown due to the huge increase in cases of coronavirus among employees. The embassy in Kabul on Thursday ordered isolation to prevent the spread of corona infection among the remaining employees. Where one person has already died due to this virus while 114 people were kept in isolation.

In a staff notice, the embassy said that almost all group activities, including work meetings and recreational gatherings, have been banned as Afghanistan's capacity to provide military medical facilities has been exhausted. Also, due to the ever-increasing cases, temporary covid wards are being set up, where patients need oxygen. It has been clearly stated by the embassy that this ban will remain in place until the chain of corona infection is broken. The notice states that 95 percent of the cases involve people who have not been vaccinated. In such a situation, the benefit of vaccines available in the embassy from all the employees

Lifting has been requested.

Acting US Ambassador Ross Wilson said in the notice that we must break the chain of corona transmission to protect each other and ensure the capability of the mission to run the country's business. He further said that till the chain of corona transmission is not broken, the restrictions will continue. We are all in this together to deal with this and count on your support during this difficult time.