America : Increased infection among vaccinated people, return of masks after two months


In America, the world's most powerful country, the mask has returned again to avoid the delta variant of Corona. Two months ago America has declared America mask-free on the basis of vaccination, but now it has changed its decision in view of the increasing outbreak of Corona.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has appealed to people to wear masks again to avoid corona. The CDC has said that people who have received the vaccine should also wear masks. Apart from this, masks will have to be worn in schools, colleges, and other public places.

Experts say that the period of the epidemic in America is completely different than in May. Infection cases are increasing while vaccination rates are decreasing. Meanwhile, cases of breakthrough (infection among those who have been vaccinated) have also started increasing. CDC Director Dr. Rochelle P. Valensky said that we have not taken the decision to wear masks again lightly. The situation has become such that the time has come to wear the mask again.

Vaccinated people can create trouble

The CDC says that after getting cases of infection in people who have been vaccinated, new trouble can arise. Infection in vaccinated people will not cause major health damage, but such people can become carriers of the virus and pose a threat to the lives of others, especially those who have not yet been vaccinated. According to the situation in America, everyone has to be careful.

CDC's right decision according to the situation

America's senior epidemiologist Dr. Anthony Fauci says that the CDC's decision is correct according to the kind of situation that is starting to develop in America. It would be wrong to say that the CDC has now retracted from its decision. They are keeping an eye on the situation, the decision is being taken as the situation is evolving. Every decision of the health agency is in the interest of its citizens, it has to be understood by all.

Wearing of masks is mandatory in offices

Nevada has asked its citizens to wear masks again after the CDC announced the return of masks. It will now be mandatory for people to wear masks in closed places like offices and other workplaces. Similarly, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has said that cases of infection are increasing, so there should be no waiting to wear a mask again.