America 'gravely worried' over order to release Pearl's killers


Pakistan's Sindh High Court is angry at the US border for the release of four convicts in the 2002 murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl. The US has said that this is a very serious matter and cannot be tolerated. The four terrorists who killed Pearl, Omar Sheikh, Fahd Naseem, Sheikh Adil, and Salman Saqib will be released on Saturday.

Let us tell you that Daniel Pearl was an American journalist. In 2002, he went to Pakistan to do an investigation report on terrorist organizations. Meanwhile, he was kidnapped and later beheaded. Four terrorists were arrested in this case. Pearl's killers will be released from captivity on Saturday. The US State Department Special Ministry, which deals with South Asia, said that we are very concerned about the release of these terrorists. These people brutally murdered an American citizen and journalist. We are keeping a close watch on the situation. It is our responsibility to bring justice to Pearl's family. Such things cannot be tolerated. Pearl, 38, worked for The Wall Street Journal at the time.

Meanwhile, Guardians of the Pearl; Ruth and Judy Pearl; Condemned the judgment of Sindh High Court. According to the newspaper Express Tribune, he expressed confidence that the Supreme Court of Pakistan would bring justice to his son and restore the supremacy of freedom of the press.

Pearl (38), head of the South Asia bureau of the Wall Street Journal, was abducted in 2002 and beheaded. The incident occurred when he was working on news reports on an engagement between the intelligence agency ISI in Pakistan and the terrorist organization Al Qaeda.