America: Donald Trump supporters who commit violence on Parliament, Wanted to assassinate elected officials


US government lawyers told the court that the motive of Donald Trump's pro-mob mob violence on the US Parliament Capitol was to kill elected officials. This claim has been claimed in a motion filed against Jacob Chansley, an Arizona accused involved in the violence.

The lawyers said that while Vice President Mike Pence presided over the meeting a short time ago, Chansley climbed onto that stage and wrote a threatening note to Pence, saying it's only a matter of time, justice is going to happen.

Let me tell you, after the defeat in the general election in the US, the supporters of President Donald Trump, who are facing opposition in the Electoral College, the court, and his own party, took the entire parliament hostage last week. Due to this, there was chaos in the entire city. Trump's supporters also blocked Vice President Mike Pence and his officials from entering. After which the Mayor of Washington extended the emergency for 15 days in the city.

This violent upheaval in America was embarrassing to American democracy all over the world. In addition to guns, suspected explosive devices were also found defunct near Trump supporters when the entire area around the US Parliament building (Capitol Hill) was evacuated. The rioters also reached the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and vandalized.

When the leader of Trump's own party and the country's Vice President tried to enter the building, the miscreants held him and his officials hostage. They later went inside after police intervention. Amid worsening conditions, Washington Mayor Muriel Bauzer announced a 15-day statewide emergency.