America: Criminals being made innocent by software, discrimination against blacks


In the US, face recognition software is being used to catch criminals, but because of this, innocents are arrested and put in jail. In one such case, a black man was arrested and held in jail for 10 days on charges of stealing candy candies. The victim has now filed a civil rights violation and false charges against the police administration and prosecution.

Cases of discrimination in face recognition in America

In January 2019, this 33-year-old man, Privateer Parks, was accused of stealing from a shop and attempting to force his car on the police. He was 30 miles from the scene at the time of the robbery. But facial recognition software called him suspicious. The police caught him and kept him in jail for 10 days.

Parks had to spend three and a half lakh rupees for legal aid. In November, the court released him, believing the evidence to be false. Parks is not the only innocent who went to jail because of a software mistake. Cases like Robert Williams and Michael Oliver also surfaced. It is feared that many more people may come forward if innocence is received from the court.

Mistake like this

The police had a brief talk with the accused at the time of the incident. When caught, he was willing to pay for the stolen goods. When the police checked his license, it turned out to be fake. When the police tried to catch him, he escaped in a rented car. He was recorded as six feet in a black jacket for identification.

The face recognition software told him of the fake license picture. According to Parks, the picture is not his. This software of police are analyzing millions and millions uploaded on the internet and social media and claiming the identity of the suspect.