America: Car crushed police officers on Capitol Hill, one killed, attackers also killed


Two police officers were crushed after a car driver hit a barricade outside the US Parliament House (Capitol Hill). One police officer was killed and another was injured. At the same time, the car driver was also injured by the bullet fired by the police, who later died in the hospital. The condition of a police officer remains critical. After this incident, US Capitol has been put on lockdown.

The car collision and firing incident occurred at a search post near Capitol. The incident brought back memories of the uproar caused by a mob that entered the US Capitol nearly three months ago when members of the US Parliament were voting on Joe Biden's victory over the presidency.

Capitol police said two police officers were hit by a man in a vehicle. Authorities said it appeared that the car driver had a knife, after which police opened fire.

At the same time, the Vice-President of the United States Kamala Harris has expressed grief over this incident. He expressed condolences to the slain police officer. He said police officer William Evans, who was killed in the attack, laid down his life to save Capitol Hill.