America can remove many restrictions from Iran simultaneously


The Biden administration of the US may lift several sanctions simultaneously to make Iran fully abide by the 2015 nuclear deal. This information has been quoted by the former top officials working in this field and the experts of the case.

Negotiations are indirectly underway for the US to revert to the nuclear deal with Iran in Vienna. US officials have declined to divulge what restrictions are under consideration. Along with this, he also said that the US is considering removing all those sanctions so that Iran can return to the nuclear deal. Some restrictions are inherently complex, including terrorism, the development of missiles, or human rights.

It is noteworthy that the Biden administration has already said that it will make every effort to return to the agreement. Foreign Ministry spokesman Ned Price said that we consider it necessary to lift the sanctions to return to the nuclear deal. But the same restrictions can be removed, which are required to be removed in terms of the nuclear agreement.