America : Biden's son paid 18 lakhs to the prostitute, the secret service had reached! secret from laptop


Hunter Biden, son of US President Joe Biden, spent the night in a hotel with a prostitute in the year 2018, but it was unintentionally priced but father Joe had to pay. Recently, this claim was made by the American newspaper New York Post in its report.

According to reports, Joe Biden's son Hunter spent the night with a prostitute at the Chateau Marmont hotel in Hollywood during a visit in May 2018. The New York Post claimed, based on documents, that Hunter chose a "dandruff and green-eyed prostitute" for herself from her favorite site, Emerald Fantasy Girls. Spent the night with him in the hotel. The woman's name has been mentioned in the report as Yana. Hunter later unknowingly made the payment from his father's account.

According to the report, the payment from the father's account has been revealed from Hunter's laptop. Hunter Biden's laptop has received many messages, pictures, and information about financial transactions. Hunter used to use this laptop as a diary. The laptop contained Hunter Biden's emails, recordings of private conversations, financial records, and selfies of himself. Hunter gave this laptop to the shop for repair a year later, after which he forgot it, from where the American newspaper got all these documents.

After all, how was the payment done from the father's account...?

According to media reports, on May 24, 2018, Hunter contacted a woman named Gulnora, who was a registered agent for Emerald Fantasy Girls. Tried to send him money through an app, but his card was not working. This problem persisted till morning. He tried many times but the payment could not be done. According to receipts from the laptop, first paid $8,000 and then $2,000. Then at around 11 in the morning, once again paid in different bars of $ 3500, $ 8000, and $ 3500. In total, about $25,000 was paid off in less than an hour.

The question is arising that how did this happen? Hunter and his father, Joe Biden's financial dealings got mixed up. Hunter was paid 25 thousand dollars i.e. about 18 lakh rupees to the prostitute. The New York Post found screenshots of the message from Hunter's laptop. According to him, Hunter told the Russian woman his name was Rob. The message reads, 'Hi, my name is Rob. I'm living at Chateau Marmont, are you available now?'

According to the report, after this, the prostitute messaged Hunter and informed them about the payment. Also wrote that whenever you want to spend time with me again, you can come back. Let us tell you that now Yana's phone number is now closed and Emerald Fantasy Girls has become inactive. Yana's lawyer, Chris Armenta, declined to comment.