America : Bezos, who returned from space, offered NASA to build a spacecraft at a lower cost than Musk


Jeff Bezos, who returned from space travel, has offered the US space agency NASA to build a spacecraft to take its scientists to the moon at a lower cost than Elon Musk's company SpaceX.

On April 16, NASA struck a deal with SpaceX for $2.9 billion, rejecting an offer from Bezos' company Blue Origin. Bezos is now ready to make the same spacecraft to NASA for $2 billion. Now it remains to be seen whether Bezos is able to hurt his rival Elon Musk in this big deal or not.

After the first lunar mission of 1972, NASA wants to send scientists to the moon again by 2024. There has been no statement from Elon Musk's company Space X, which has tied up in this entire matter.

who will win

According to the Forbes list, Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world, while Elon Musk is the third place in this list. Now the competition between these two giants is going on for supremacy in space. Bezos wants to get the deal to build the spacecraft for this ambitious mission of NASA at a low cost, which NASA has given to Musk's company.

Jeff Bezos will also save NASA from budget troubles

In a letter to NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, Bezos said, "Whatever the difficulties with NASA's budget, Blue Origin will solve them." If we enter into an agreement with us, we will not even take any payment from the government in this financial year.

NASA can give money from next year and that too for just 2 billion dollars we will make the spacecraft. Not only this, but we will also bear the cost of the orbital mission to test the technology. NASA deviated from its original dual-source acquisition policy due to budget constraints, but this offering would remove all of its hurdles.

NASA had turned down the previous offer citing budget constraints

In April, NASA turned down an offer from Bezos's company Blue Origin, citing budget constraints as the reason. Then Bezos's company bid together with Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman Corp, and Draper companies. NASA had said that ordering Elon Musk's company is beneficial for his government.

Now if it is missed, NASA will have a further delay in the lunar mission

Bezos said that if NASA still fails to make the right selection, then its short and long-duration lunar missions will be delayed without any external competition. This will further increase its cost and it will not be in the interest of the nation in any way.

NASA did not give any answer

A NASA spokesman said he was aware of Bezos's letter but would not comment on it. That's because questioning the bidding process at Blue Origin has accused the US government's accounting department of benefitting SpaceX by giving them the opportunity to change the bid. A decision in this matter will be taken in early August.