America and Britain supported the demand for an investigation of the origin of Corona, said - the process should be transparent


Britain and America have supported the demand for a new and transparent study by the World Health Organization on the origin of the coronavirus. US President Joe Biden and British PM Boris Johnson said in a joint statement, 'We will support the next phase of the ongoing WHO study in China on the origin of the corona and look forward to a time-bound, transparent and evidence-based independent process .'

This statement of both the leaders is very important at a time when the demand for an investigation of the origin of the corona has increased across the world. It is known that a year and a half ago, the first case of corona infection was reported in Wuhan city of China. After this, it spread its outbreak all over the world. Despite the passage of so much time, it is still a mystery how and from where this deadly virus originated. Now many countries and experts have intensified the demand to find out whether this virus originated naturally or it originated from the Wuhan lab in China.